Asphalt Repair
A volunteer helps repair the
trail in October.

Since 2011, the Friends of the Centennial Trail’s Trail Builder’s
Fund has funded $59,950 in Centennial Trail improvements.  Here’s what money went to in 2013:

  • – $12,500
    for the purchase of an asphalt repair/crack seal machine, which will be used to repair asphalt along the entire Centennial Trail. The machine will be owned and maintained by Riverside State Park.

– $450 to Spokane County for 3 bike route, 3 directional and 2 stop signs at the newly completed Centennial Trail realignment at WA/ID state line Gateway Park.

Future Trail Builder’s Fund gifts will be made
for gap completion projects and Trail sustainability projects, but donations are relied upon to do so.  If you can help out, there are two ways to make a gift:

1. Online here or
2.  Mail in your donation (payable
to Friends of the Centennial Trail
) to Friends of the Centennial Trail, P.O. Box 351, Spokane, WA 99210

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