The item below was in Sunday’s This Day In History column from the Spokesman-Review from 1912 and was passed along to me by a member of the public who is very interested in transportation happenings.

From the rail beat: The railroad statistics compiled by The Spokesman-Review were truly astonishing: Every week, 630 passenger trains entered the city.

This meant that every day 38 steam passenger trains arrived in Spokane, along with 52 electric-line passenger trains, which were mostly local lines coming from nearby towns.

Spokane was the “converging point of six transcontinental lines, 10 branch roads and two electric systems.” The paper concluded that the city was “one of the greatest railway centers on the American continent.”

This is pretty amazing to me considering they had this huge regional train station 100 years ago and now the only time you can catch a passenger train in Spokane is at 2:00 in the morning.

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