One of our GIS analysts opened an umbrella in my office the other day. I jokingly reminded him that he just brought bad luck on himself. He told me that’s an old wive’s tale and that he was going to bring a ladder into my office to walk under. It turns out that there are many, many old wive’s tales, also known as myths, in the transportation world. Citylab put together a post on 10 Tired Traffic Myths that you can read here. 

It includes:
  • More roads mean less traffic
  • More transit means less traffic
  • Bike lanes make traffic worse
  • A wider road is a safer road
  • The next lane over is moving faster
  • There’s no downside to cheap gas
  • Drivers pay the full cost of road maintenance
  • And more!
Read the article to find out why these are myths. 
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