We’re proposing another update to the 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that proposes adding four new projects to the program and modifying the funding for one project already in the TIP.

The TIP identifies projects to be undertaken or constructed during the upcoming four years. It includes project names and descriptions, the jurisdiction sponsoring them, funding attached to each project, and where the funding came from (local, state or federal funds). The TIP is updated throughout the year as SRTC’s member jurisdictions have projects to add, change, or remove from the program, often as funding becomes available or projects move toward being construction-ready.

Details on the five projects affected by the amendment include:

  • Spokane County’s Transit Stop Crosswalk Safety Project- Install marked crosswalks, median refuge islands, rapid flashing beacons, signs, ADA curb ramps, transit stop boarding pads and street lighting at existing bus stops locations.
  • Spokane Valley’s Barker Road/BNSF Grade Separation- Add $1.5 million in funding to the project that was recently awarded from the Legislature and remove $600,000 in local funds.
  • Spokane Valley’s Pines Road/BNSF Grade Separation- Construct a grade-separated intersection for Pines Road at the BNSF railway crossing. The project proposes a Pines Road underpass at the railroad tracks; lowers the intersection and adds lanes at Pines and Trent and closes the at-grade crossing at University at the BNSF tracks.
  • Spokane Valley’s Wellesley Sidewalk Project, McDonald to Evergreen- Construct sidewalk, curb and gutter and install ADA ramps at intersecting streets between McDonald and Evergreen.
  • WSDOT’s US 195/Thorpe Rd. Intersection Improvements– Revise the US 195 and Thorpe Road intersection to restrict left turn movements from Thorpe onto US 195. Left turns will need to turn right onto US 195, then make a U-turn instead of turning left.

Information on funding and other details is included in the attached photo or you can find more info on both the 2017-2020 TIP and the proposed amendment at https://www.srtc.org/transportation-improvement-program/.

A public comment period for the amendment starts today. All comments must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday, August 25, 2017. Comments can be submitted by emailing to contact.srtc@srtc.org, mailing to SRTC at 421 W. Riverside Ave., Suite 500, Spokane, WA, or by calling (509) 343-6370.


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