What is a Transportation Improvement Program?

A Transportation Improvement Program (or TIP) is a comprehensive four-year program of regional transportation investments of all types: maintenance and preservation of existing roads, construction of new roads, public transit improvements, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, bridge replacement projects, etc. These projects come from cities, towns, and agencies throughout Spokane County.

Key purposes of the TIP are to:

  • Demonstrate fiscal constraint for the projects contained in the plan (meaning there is adequate funding available for the planned projects)
  • Demonstrate that the projects meet conformity with state air quality standards (projects aim to improve air quality or at least not make it worse)
  • Identify other planned transportation projects adopted in local six-year TIPS (bring together projects from the local level into one, 4-year program) 

All transportation projects that are regionally significant or receiving federal funding are required to be included the TIP. SRTC updates the TIP annually and after it is approved it becomes part of the Washington State Transportation Improvement Program.

The 2023-2026 TIP includes 87 projects totaling approximately $1.02 billion of local transportation investments to be spent over the next four years in the Spokane County area. The SRTC Board of Directors approved the 2023-2026 TIP on 10/13/22.

Click the image to the right to view the 2023-2026 TIP document.


TIP Guidebook

The guidebook provides information related to the development and maintenance of STRC’s TIP, SRTC calls for projects and various programming policies that apply to projects receiving SRTC regional funds. Click on the link below to open the 2023 TIP Guidebook.

Annual Listing of Project Obligations

Annual list of federal funds spent on local transportation projects.

What is a TIP Amendment?

The TIP is amended throughout the year from January to October, typically on a monthly basis, as project sponsors submit requests to add, modify or delete projects from the TIP.  Each proposed amendment goes through a 10-day public comment period, is reviewed by the Transportation Technical Committee, and the final decision to approve (or deny) the amendment is made by the Board of Directors.

Click Here to see Project Details on TIP Amendments

2022-2025 TIP Amendments

AmendmentWSDOT approved on
JAN Amendment01/28/2022
FEB Amendment03/16/2022
MAR Amendment04/15/2022
No April amendmentn/a
No May amendmentn/a
JUN Amendment07/13/2022
No July amendmentn/a
No August amendmentn/a
SEPT Amendment v210/12/2022

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