Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a document of projects and programs to be either built or implemented in the next four years. It includes a list of multi-modal transportation projects, including highway, transit and bicycle. To be included in the TIP, projects must have committed funds from local, state, and federal sources.

Click on the image below for the TIP for the four-year period from 2018 to 2021. Email for Word versions of any documents on this page, or call (509) 343-6370.


The cover of the 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program

The TIP is amended on a nearly monthly basis, January through October, as timelines, funding sources and other project details change. The amendment to be approved in July of 2018 will add three new projects to the program and extend the limits of another existing project. Click “July” in the table below to view amendment details.

SRTC would like your input on the proposed amendment. You can submit comments by emailing to, calling (509) 343-6370 or mailing to SRTC at 421 W. Riverside, Suite 500, Spokane, WA 99201. All comments must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday. June 29, 2018.

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2018-2021 TIP Projects


The guidebook provides information related to the development and maintenance of STRC's TIP, SRTC calls for projects and various programming policies that apply to projects receiving SRTC regional funds. Click on the image below to open the 2018 TIP Guidebook.

The cover for the 2017 Transportation Improvement Program Guidebook

Annual Listing of Project Obligations
Annual list of federal funds spent on transportation projects locally.

2017 Project Obligation Report
2016 Project Obligation Report
2015 Project Obligation Report