A lot of people ask us “what’s coming up in area road construction projects?” Glad you asked. We have been working on an update to our long-range transportation plan, Horizon 2040, so we can tell you some of what is coming up for the next twenty years. Horizon 2040 includes a proposed draft list of projects and programs for the region and a financial plan showing that we can reasonably afford them. And we’ve taken those projects and put them into an interactive map to show you where they are located, when each is planned to be built and how much each will cost. Click the “View Larger” button to see the map full page.

And, if you have any questions on these projects, or anything else in Horizon 2040, SRTC is hosting an open house to provide you with more details from 4-6 p.m. on Wedensday, Nov. 1 at 421 W. Riverside in the Paulsen Center Building, Suite 504.

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