SRTC Education Series

SRTC has started an Education Series of speakers and presentations from transportation experts from around the region and the country. This series offers learning opportunities for SRTC’s Board of Directors, members of our Transportation Technical Committee and Transportation Advisory Committee, other area transportation professionals and civic leaders and members of the public. The Education Series is aimed at:

  • Providing SRTC Board and committee members information on which to base policy decisions,
  • Provide stakeholders and members of the public insight into decisions made in transportation planning,
  • Providing information on technology and trends that could influence how the area transportation system continues to develop,
  • And raising awareness of SRTC in general, including its services and partnership opportunities.

For more Information:

Printable Education Series Flyer
Call (509) 343-6370


Possibly one of the most misunderstood traffic control devices, many new roundabouts are being built in our area. Come find out why their use is growing, how they can be customized, and how to use roundabouts correctly.

CenterPlace Community Event Center, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley
9 a.m.- 12p.m. Roundabout Symposium for engineers, planners, and transportation professionals
5-6 p.m. Reception and Q & A session for elected officials
6-8 p.m. Community Roundabout Conversation

July 10 & 11     MICK CORNETT
Former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett led his city in a renaissance, adding parks, sidewalks, trails, a streetcar, convention center, wellness/aquatics centers and more. He will speak on investing in transportation and the resulting payoff for the community.

Location TBD
July 10   3-5 p.m.   Session for elected officials
6-8 p.m. Community Conversation with Mick Cornett
July 11   8-10 a.m.  Session for planners, engineers and civic leaders

September 13 & 14     JOE MINICOZZI, AICP
Joe Minicozzi, AICP is principal of Urban3 LLC, a consulting company in Asheville, NC. His training in city planning in the public and private sectors, as well as private sector real estate finance, helped him develop award-winning analytic tools. Minicozzi will speak on shifting how we think about development patterns to create livable communities.

Location TBD
September 13   11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m. SRTC Board Session
6-8 p.m.
Community Conversation with Joe Minicozzi
September 14  8-10 a.m. Session for planners, engineers and civic leaders

Parris Glendening is President at Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute, the Governor’s Institute on Community Design, and former governor of Maryland. He advises state and local governments on smart growth, transit, and sustainability policies and practices.

Location TBD
6-8 p.m. Community Conversation with Parris Glendening