Over the past two years of working on the Horizon 2040 plan, we found out first-hand how transportation can be a major barrier for young adults trying to make it in the world. Without a car, it is hard for many to maintain a job, but without a job they can’t afford a car! I talked to a young man over the summer who had to quit his job when his car broke down.

A member of our Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) works for the Next Generation Zone, a subsidiary of Goodwill Industries that helps young, at-risk people between the ages of 16 and 21 with employment and education. She has told us over and over that her “kids” struggle with transportation issues and many of them show up at her office on skateboards as their main form of transportation.

With the end of the year coming, I know that many of you work for companies that have to donate a certain amount each year in order to get tax writeoffs. If you are looking for something to donate to that helps youth and the economy, please consider donating toward 2 hour bus passes that help these young people get to jobs, and in turn, reach their goals. You can either make donations directly to Goodwill and designate them as being for the Next Generation Zone or contact Jessica at jessicac@nextgenzone.org for more information on how to help.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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