Don’t ever tell me you never get to express your opinion when it comes to government projects. Here are three areas just this week where you are being asked for input:

– The Spokane Regional Health District has been awarded a grant to help reduce the number of bicycle, pedestrian and motorist collisions in Spokane County. They’re using this survey to test and determine effectiveness of some possible slogans and visuals, so please take it and let them know what would affect you. For your participation, you will be entered into a drawing for one of four $20 Hastings Book/Music Store gift cards. Can’t talk now- taking survey.

– The City of Spokane wants to know what design you prefer for the proposed University District Pedestrian/Bike Bridge. You can learn more about the proposed bridge and view three-dimensional images of the two proposed bridge options, then provide your feedback trhough a project survey. Survey responses are due by May 2.

– The Pedestrian Plan Update Citizen Advisory Committee wants your views on what should be included in an update to the City of Spokane’s Pedestrian Plan.

The Pedestrian Plan Update seeks to promote pedestrian safety and access to help ensure that Spokane is a safe, convenient, and attractive place to walk. It will establish a pedestrian network emphasizing safe routes to school and connections to transit. The goals of the Pedestrian Plan Update process are: Develop an implementable plan Improve pedestrian safety Enhance mobility Prioritize a system plan Results in projects, programs, enforcement Involve stakeholders, including underserved Develop guiding policy Integrate with other efforts (Complete Streets, Transportation Planning)

In the meantime, the advisory committee working on the plan is gathering public input on it through this questionaire. The Pedestrian Plan Update is expected to be complete by the end of 2011.

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