Silly Street Spending
Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor

The city is loading up on us. Recently, we’ve heard the rumblings of adding bike lanes downtown that will take car lanes away. Right! Let’s suppress what 99.9 percent of what our citizens want in order to appease the 0.1 percent who ride bicycles through downtown.

Now, the city, coerced by the special interests represented by the program manager of the incredibly rich University District, is hoping to use $2 million in increased property taxes just for planning and design of a complete makeover called “The Division Gateways Corridor.”

How many millions will the taxpayers be forced to put out for construction of these “necessities” – new street trees, artwork, and bike racks! But, wait, it’s for pedestrian safety!

If pedestrians use the crosswalks legally, why would they need ultra-safety at the cost of millions? Meanwhile, we don’t have enough in the budget to pay for proper police protection.

Michael Wiman
Deer Park

Apparently Mr. Wiman doesn’t try to cross downtown streets everyday like I do and has either some very close near-misses with cars or gets yelled at on a daily basis for slowing traffic down. The sign says ‘walk’ so I walk. What’s illegal about that?

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