A recent inspection by the City of Spokane Valley Public Works Department shows that the southbound Sullivan Road Bridge (the westernmost bridge of the two) across the Spokane River has begun to show signs of deterioration. The deterioration is typical in bridges of this age (60 years old) and includes cracking in the girders and deterioration of the driving surface.

The bridge is not currently at risk of failing, but loads exceeding the maximum legal weight limit will cause it to deteriorate faster. To avoid the need to impose weight restrictions, which would negatively impact those businesses in the industrial areas near the bridge, signs will be posted to remind drivers of legal weight limits:

– Single truck: 25 tons
– Semi-truck and trailer: 36 tons
– Single truck and trailer- 40 tons

Half of the estimated $19.7 million cost to replace the bridge has been received from the Federal Highways Administration. It’s not clear when the bridge will be reconstructed though as the rest of the money needed is not currently available.

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