So here’s a book that you need- the Bicycle Alliance of Washington’s “Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Bike Tours in Washington” is now availalbe online. The book not only showcases great riding around the state, but one of the co-authors is Spokane’s own Katherine Widing, an experienced bike tour book author who volunteers with Spokane Summer Parkways.
 The book can be found at, where a Kickstarter campaign is underway to fund it. Five
Washington authors were recruited to write sections of the book, including Widing. It includes 10 multi-day tours from all over the state
from islands and river valleys to mountain climbs and the rolling hills of the
Palouse. With detailed cue sheets and maps, as well as information on food,
lodging, attractions, activities, and how to arrive by train, the book provides
high-quality, in-depth coverage for riders with all budgets and all levels of
cycle touring experience. 

What’s so cool about the book though is that the five authors use storytelling,
local history, and humor to elevate the book beyond
an everyday guidebook.

Royalties from the book will support the efforts of
the Bicycle Alliance to increase investments in bike infrastructure for
everyday riders as well as bike travelers.

In addition to the content in the book, the Bicycle
Alliance of Washington will create additional bonus tours for download.

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