I’ve bought lots of stuff off Craigslist. In fact, last night I bought a ramp from a nice lady to help my old dog get in and out of the car. And I’ve certainly sold stuff on Craigslist (I’m still worried that old tent trailer is going to find it’s way back into my yard when the buyer figures out what a piece of junk it is). But I’ve never really advertised anything there, such as a meeting or service.

One of our sub-consultants on the Transportation Vision Project suggested we post an ad for the Transportation Planning game there so here it is.

If you just want to play the game though, not learn more about it, go here and click ‘Play the game.’ So far we’ve had over 1200 people at least go to the home page and check it out. Not nearly so many people actually finished playing it but we’ve got a great start. So help us get some good numbers and play it right now. Who cares if it’s on work time? Have your boss play with you. Legal disclaimer: that was merely a suggestion, not a mandate. SRTC can not be sued for bad advice given on this blog.

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