So, I am browsing my usual transportation blogs this morning to get up to speed on the latest regional transportation news, and stumbled across a particularly nasty blog post about discussion on Facebook between supporters and opponents of the tunnel project that is being considered for the replacement of the Seattle Viaduct.

When I saw a link comparing the project to a “slut,” I assumed they were making a silly reference to the South Lake Union Trolley (jokingly referred to as the SLUT), so I started to read it and I was amazed at the juvenile exchange that actually compared the project to a “slutty mom.” Yeah, I know, go figure…

Anyway, here is link to the blog post,and while the language is cleaned up, be forewarned that the subject matter could be disturbing for some.

BTW, isn’t it about time for Seattle to settle on a design for that project and just get it done?

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