It was a great weekend to be outside and it seemed like a lot of people were taking advantage of it at the 19th annual Unity in the Community event at Riverfront Park on Saturday. SRTC had a booth there and we talked to all kinds of people. Many of them had comments regarding bicycling or public transit. We heard from people who requested everything from more bus shelters to transit to Coeur d’Alene to someone who said she has started riding her bike because the conditions of the roads are so bad and she can get around most of the potholes and cracks on her bike.

One gentleman requested a bike lane on the Maple Street Bridge because when he rides through the designated pedestrian area, it dead ends at a set of steps that he has to carry his bike down. And he said while going down isn’t too much of a strain, it’s on the way back when he has to carry his bike up the stairs that is a pain.

Several people told us they have a hard time getting home from work because their bus route only runs until 9 p.m. or a little later. One young man even said he had to quit his job because he couln’t get home from downtown. In all though, most said they realize the value of our public transit system and use it regularly. In fact, I was surprised at how many people we talked to who said they are making do without a car in Spokane. And most said they do okay most of the time, although they run into the occasional challenges.

Then there were they kids that just stopped by to grab some free candy from us. But even they had somnething to share. Our planner Eve asked one of these kids if she rides her bike much and she told us that she rode her bike to school one day without telling her parents and got in big trouble. But she said she had a lot of fun doing it.


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