The letter below ran in the Coeur d’Alene Press today. This guy clearly does not like roundabouts. Certainly things could be worse (like the photo above). I am no engineer, but I like roundabouts — especially in residential areas because they tend to calm traffic down. Plus they are easier to navigate than a four-way stop.

I don’t know about you, but it seriously bugs me when I pull up to a four-way stop and someone decides to go out of turn, or the person who is supposed to go won’t go. Then everybody starts waving each other through…Ugh! At least with a roundabout everything seems to flow fairly smoothly. Ok, here is the letter already:

Several weeks ago the citizens of Dalton Gardens received notices in the mail regarding a roundabout that would be built at the intersection of Fourth and Hanley. This structure was to be built in this location primarily as a safety factor that would reduce accidents. The notification stressed that this project would require several months to complete and require rerouting of Fourth Street as well as the Hanley traffic.

In the interim I have had numerous discussions with neighbors regarding the feasibility of this questionable project. To this point in time I have not found anyone who feels it is beneficial in any way to the citizens of Dalton Gardens, or our neighbors.

Were our citizens informed during the planning stages of this fanciful merry-go-round? I don’t recall receiving any notice informing the citizenry of such a plan to be discussed in Dalton City Hall Chambers. Can someone please tell me what the cost of this misplaced monstrosity will be? Was it part of a stimulus package that really won’t cost the taxpayers anything? Who was the brain child engineer who drew up the plans to place this contrivance in such a location as this?

Would the genius responsible for this premeditated pipe dream please step forward to accept such accolades as we may bestow on him?


Dalton Gardens

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