No plans for Saturday? Well then I committed you to helping kick off the 13th annual Traffic Awareness & Pedestrian Safety Week (April 9-18) at an event on the Gonzaga campus.

Hosted by the City of Spokane Community Assembly’s Pedestrian, Transportation and Traffic Committee, the event will be hosted by City Council Member Steve Corker, Gonzaga University Executive Vice President Earl Martin, and members of the community. It’s at 9 a.m. this Saturday at the Johnson Mall(502 E. Boone Ave.)

During the week, drivers are reminded to slow down, obey speed limits, and become more aware of pedestrians.

To notify drivers of the speed limit on neighborhood streets, many residents will post signs with the phrases, “Neighbors Drive 25” and “Heed the Speed 30.” To purchase one of the signs, contact the Office of Neighborhood Services at 625-6730. The Committee is also reminding residents that all intersections are considered legal crosswalks and should be treated as such, whether marked or not.

This year’s Traffic Awareness & Pedestrian Safety Week also marks the beginning of the placement of Spokane’s new mobile speed feedback signs. These radar signs provide notification to drivers of their speed. The signs are funded by revenue from the Photo Red Camera program.

For questions regarding Traffic Awareness and Pedestrian Safety Week, you can contact Roland Lamarche, Pedestrian, Transportation and Traffic Committee Chair, at 981-7964.

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