This is a hard one to blog about. But being a public agency I feel that I have to tackle this topic because it’s public information and a fact of life these days. We have recently gotten some tough news; like many other government agencies, SRTC’s budget has a large hole in it due to a number of factors, so we are reducing our workforce. Those who remain are taking mandatory furlough days.

While staff understands the need for these measures and realizes we are not the only agency going through this, it is still hard to say goodbye to members of our team we’ve worked with for several years. While the hardest part in our office right now is the emotions, there will also be some challenges in tackling our work load. Some of us will be taking on extra duties to make up for those that were let go. While we pride ourselves on our customer service and punctuality in our projects, we will continue to do our best. I will still be here blogging and doing other outreach.

In the meantime, we’re applying for grants and looking at options that could cut costs. A word to the wise though; You may not want to call the boss to complain about traffic today, he’s taking this very personal and is more than a little stressed out.

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