Spokane Valley is cleaning up it’s streets. And a lot earlier than usual. Street sweeping crews are already out picking up sand and debris left from winter. This isn’t just done to make roads look better, if
left in place dirt and other items can clog stormwater drainage systems. 
Coupled with rain or runoff from the warmer weather, pooled water at the clogged drain not only poses a driving
hazard, it accelerates deterioration of the street surface. It’s also more cost-effective to sweep debris out of the roadway
and away from drains rather than vacuuming accumulations out of the
In addition, sweeping helps maintain air quality by removing excess dust and dirt that
can get blown into the air by breezes and passing vehicles.  That’s
especially important to keeping air clean and minimizing health risks from
breathing airborne particulates. 
 Pedestrians, bicyclists and those using wheeled mobility devices also benefit
from increased stability due to less dirt and gravel on sidewalks and in bike
With that said, keep all those benefits in mind if you encounter slow-moving street sweeping vehicles along
arterials over the next few weeks during daylight hours from 7 a.m. to  5 p.m.
 Depending on the weather, sweeping in residential areas could begin as
early as mid-March.  Regular sweeping of arterials will continue into fall
along with sweeping of other areas as needed. 
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