Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
Meter information clearly posted

I am pleased to clarify observations made by Tracey L. Whybrow (“Post parking meter schedule,” July 20), which suggested that meter stickers or street signs be provided to indicate to motorists what hours the city meters are in operation.

A 2 ½”-by-1″ black-on-white placard is normally mounted on the curb side of every parking meter. It is located inside a clear polycarbonate dome, to protect the placard from the elements, and states, “Hours of Operation are 8AM to 7PM except Sundays.” On the opposite side of the meter, where coins are deposited, there is another placard stating the amount of time that can be purchased for each coin denomination and a label indicating the maximum allowable parking period (90 minutes, two hours, three hours, etc.).

Unfortunately, installing and maintaining street signs on every block to list meter operating hours would be an expensive effort and would add to the litany of messages that already compete for the attention of drivers in a downtown core environment.

We invite citizens having concerns about parking meters to contact the Street Department at 232-8800 and provide information regarding the problem and location of meters in question. We appreciate citizen input and will investigate any reported problems as soon as possible.

Dave Shaw
Traffic control supervisor, Spokane Street Department

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