Did you all know it’s National Engineers Week? Yeah, I didn’t either until I saw it on Twitter this morning. Being in the transportation world, there are a lot of engineers in my life. Not only are they co-workers and peers at other agencies, but also several of my friends are engineers. And let me tell you, you’ve never partied ’til you’ve partied with an engineer.

I’ll skip the stories though and refer you to the list below from Robert, co-head of ‘Thank an Engineer’ at the Texas Instruments Blog.

Robert says the list is items you’re no longer allowed to use unless you thank an engineer for creating them. And below that is a short list of acceptable things you can give the engineers in your life as a thank you. Legal disclaimer- I’m just passing this on, not endorsing it.

Thanks an engineer for creating these items:
•Computer (desktop or laptop)
•Media player
•Personal medical devices (actually, you can keep using this if you don’t thank an engineer because we want you to stay healthy, but it’d be cool if you thanked an engineer for it)
•Cell Phone
•Your car
•Anything that harnesses the power of electricity
•Video game console
•Roller coasters
•Musical instruments
•Your house or apartment

Acceptable gifts to give an engineer as a thank you:
•A big hug
•Giant, oversized stuffed computer chip
•A firm handshake
•An e-card
•A handwritten note
•A book (but something substantial, none of that vampire business)

Uh, I’m no engineer but I second that part about the vampire business.

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