Playing in or watching Hoopfest this weekend? Then you may want to find a way to get downtown other than driving. With many downtown Spokane streets closed, and parking at a premium, negotiating the downtown area in a car has traditionally been difficult during Hoopfest.

Spokane Transit can help though. They’re offering free parking, $1.25 all-day fare and rapid service. Here’s some things you should know about this weekend:

– The STA Plaza is closed to bus traffic during the Hoopfest weekend. Alternate loading zones for regular routes will be in effect while the streets are closed.

– A day pass during Hoopfest to ride as much as you want will only cost you $1.25

– Shuttles run every ten minutes throughout the day to two satellite parking lots.

Here’s more information on all of the above, plus more STA/Hoopfest details.

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