I’ve been getting a lot of calls about the ‘Visioning Process’ that some people saw in our Board packet last week. Apparently, a lot of people are curious as to what it actually is.

Well, the long name for this process is ‘Community Visioning and Improvement Strategy for a Unified Regional Transportation System’ and the end goal is to develop a unified vision for transportation for where the entire community wants to be in 20 to 50 years.

There are already individual plans developed that address bike and pedestrian transportation, public transportation, air travel, train travel, etc. but this process will look at all of the above, and more, with the intent of dovetailing it all together and coming up with a plan that addresses all of those topics.

A consultant team will be hired to spearhead the effort and work with all the agencies and jurisdictions involved, as well as the public on what they would like to see.

This is the first time in it’s long history that SRTC has conducted any kind of exercise, study, or project of this size, so we’re excited to see what comes of the effort. It’s in the very early stages now though, so there’s not much more to tell but I’ll post updates as they develop.

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