Congratulations to Spokane County! The County’s Division of Engineering and Roads has received a grant from the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Urban Arterial program to improve Market Street. 

The $2.2 million project to be funded by this grant will reconstruct Market from Houston Ave. to Lincoln Road. This includes resurfacing and repairing existing sidewalk in segments where it’s damaged on the west side of Market. On the east side, a new 5 1/2 foot wide sidewalk will be added. Curb ramps will also be rebuilt to meet ADA standards and a bicycle lane added to each side of the roadway. 
To make room for this, the road will have a “road diet” where it’s reduced from the four existing lanes to three lanes in that section.

The project is expected to be designed this March with construction scheduled for summer of next year (2016). 
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