Who likes bumper stickers? I mean really, really likes bumper stickers? Women and Southerners, it turns out. The Chicago Tribune reports that a new survey of two thousand Americans found that women are more likely than men to have a bumper sticker (by 63% to 50%) and Southerners are the biggest fans of bumper stickers, with more than two out of three survey respondents saying they have at least one sticker on their vehicle>

Cheap Car Insurance, a Utah-based comparative services company,  sponsored the survey. As for the content of bumper stickers, some are more likely than others to agitate other drives, according to respondees. Trump/Pence stickers mean you are ignorant, according to 28 percent of people who took the survey, while another 18 percent said they mean you are obnoxious or annoying and 8 percent judge the driver to be aggressive.

Thirty-four percent of survey respondents said people with Confederate flag stickers are ignorant, 17 percent found them obnoxious and 11 percent aggressive. One percent found it funny.

Pro-gun stickers received the most negative responses and those that show support for U.S. troops the most positive. Overall, the most popular stickers were those associated with sports, fitness or leisure activities, followed by politics, college, or humorous stickers.

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