Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor

Re: “Street department courts chaos,” May 14:

Obviously, Mr. Brown, you haven’t worked on the streets and roads of a major city, county or state. What may look like chaos to you is usually the coordinated effort of a group of highly skilled individuals defying death or serious injury at the hands of a few frustrated drivers while attempting to repair or improve a damaged roadway. Perhaps the street department could be persuaded to let you put on a yellow hard hat and spend a few exciting hours repairing potholes, sweeping up or paving. A little hot asphalt on your shoes might improve your oversight.

Don’t disparage the efforts of hard-working individuals in the street department through a juvenile comparison with the antics of comic characters. These men and women are out there in all kinds of conditions, rain, snow and heat, doing their job. They would be able to do a safer and better job with the knowledgeable support of the driving public in cutting them a little slack by obeying the signs and traffic directors provided for our mutual protection.

Bob Costigan
Spirit Lake, Idaho

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