Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
Don’t let laws go unenforced

Although my office is in downtown Spokane, I’m frequently in downtown Seattle. The difference in pedestrian behavior is striking.

I’ve seldom driven through downtown Spokane without seeing someone just walk right into the street on a red light. In Seattle, it’s rare to see anyone cross on a red light, even if there is no traffic. Locals will tell you that you’ll get at least a $50 ticket for doing that.

I finally understood why Spokane has such a problem with pedestrian bad behavior when I saw the letter from Jeff Harvey, vice president of the Spokane Police Guild (“Keep ticket books holstered,” May 8). Mr. Harvey felt it necessary to inform everyone that most Spokane Police Guild members believe it unnecessary to enforce the pedestrian laws.

There’s a big difference between using discretion when viewing a violation and telling people outright that tickets will not be issued for a violation. We have enough problems with people not taking responsibility for their own actions – either enforce the law or repeal the law, but please don’t just ignore it.

E. David Sani

Do you agree with Mr. Sani? Do Spokane pedestrians take it for granted that they won’t be punished (besides being hit by a car) for jaywalking?

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