The Spokesman Review analyzed the cost of travel to Seattle using three different modes of travel (four if you consider the difference between a hybrid and a gas fueled automobile). They looked at planes, trains and automobiles. The published results are in a table format here. So, I calculated what it would cost to drive my Blazer to Seattle using the same 578-mile standard the SR used and came up with a trip cost of $97.25. But I live in Post Falls, so I used $3.19 a gallon instead of the $3.65 the SR used. Using the SR’s gas price, my trip would cost $111.32, but the reality is probably somewhere in between. How much would it cost to drive your car to Seattle? For those who are story-problem challenged, just divide 578 by the miles per gallon your car consumes and multiply that answer by the price per gallon you pay.

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