The City of Spokane City Council members will get together for a study session tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 to discuss the proposed downtown commercial parking tax.

The tax would be on all for-pay commercial parking in greater Downtown. It would apply only to parking paid for by the user and would not apply to businesses which appear to provide “free” parking as in suburban retail or business districts. No other neighborhood in the city or region would face a similar tax.

The tax rate could range anywhere from $10 to $100+ per year, per space. Funds would be allocated for use in the operation and preservation of city streets, implementation of the Complete Streets concept, and other transportation improvements.

The meeting will be on the first floor of the downtown Spokane Library. It will be open to the public but no public testimony will be taken.

What do you think of this proposed tax? Some proponents for downtown are against it becuase they say downtown is already at a disadvantage due to the pay parking situation. Some people aren’t willing to pay and will go to outlying malls and shopping centers instead.

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