The public comment period for SRTC’s updated Public Involvement Policy
(PIP) is in the final stretch. The document has recently been updated with additional and new strategies for outreach to
members of the public, including minorities and low income populations.  The draft document is available for public
review and comment through Saturday, July 20, 2013

 The PIP guides how
SRTC reaches out to the public to inform people of our activities and solicit
input; and the “tools” and resources used in this process. Primary goals of
the PIP include:

•    Articulating
how the agency approaches public engagement.

•    Ensuring
early and continuous public involvement in major activities and decisions by

•    Receiving
meaningful public input to guide the decision-making process.

Specifically, the PIP addresses how the public is notified of SRTC meetings,
projects and activities; when and where public meetings are held; how public
comments are handled; how access is provided to people with disabilities and
those who speak limited English; and what materials, such as maps, brochures,
videos, newsletters, etc., are used to promote and explain SRTC’s activities.

Your help in reviewing it is welcomed, and we ask that you let us know if you think of any outreach methods or tools that may not have
been recognized in the plan. You can find it at
on the home page. 
Comments can be submitted by emailing
or mailing to SRTC at 221 W. First Ave., Suite 310, Spokane, WA 99201. 

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