Spokane City Council President candidate Victor Noder had some… um… interesting things to say about transportation in Spokane when he sat down with the Spokesman-Review to explain why he’s the best candidate for the position.

In fact, his answers to many of the questions, across a variety of issues, are interesting. Why does he feel he’s the best candidate? His looks, for one thing. Would he support a tax boost for libraries? Noder feels libraries are a place for bums to ‘crash out’ among other things. In response to the question should a new Street Bond include money to pay for sidewalks, bike lanes, street trees or other improvements besides pavement from “curb-to-curb” Noder responded “Street trees conflict with yard gardens.”

Do your homework before you vote folks and check out your candidates. The Noder interview is here. I’ll post other candidate interviews as they’re published.

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