I’ve been telling you about the cool new capability we have to make interactive maps for a while now. Well, we’ve just put another map up for you to play with. 

The SRTC Planning Areas Boundary map shows
 many of the planning area boundaries related to work done by SRTC and our partner agencies. 

Be warned, when you first click on the map, it will look like a blank slate, until you click the “Show content of map” icon and start turning on and off features. Some of the options you can view include area jurisdictional boundaries, air quality maintenance boundaries, urban growth area, the entire area served by Spokane Transit, and lots more.

See the “(1 of 2)” at the top? That means there’s another
Board member in the same area so use the arrow to the
right to scroll through all of them.

My favorite feature though is the SRTC Policy Board members. Turn that “layer” on and you will see a series of green diamonds. Click each diamond and you will see the Board member that represents that area, details on their appointment and, in most cases, a picture of them to help you put a face with a name. Zoom in tight to the central area to see all the diamonds and use the arrows at the top of the description box to go through each of them.

So don’t take my word that the map is fun to play with, try it out yourself here.

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