This little piece of art is the work of my friend Suzee who is, needless to say, a little frustrated by the snow. Yesterday was the first time she’d seen a plow in her northeast Spokane neighborhood since the snow started last week. It took her about three days I believe to get her car dug out, but after the plow came through, she couldn’t get it back in her driveway!

As for my frustration, I had to wait an hour and 20 minutes for my bus last night. By the time it showed up, delayed by an accident and getting stuck in the park and ride lot, I couldn’t feel my left hand. And the elderly lady waiting at the bus stop with me had this to say: ‘You could pierce my face right now and I wouldn’t feel it.’

This morning’s ride in was much better, although it did take about 45 minutes longer than normal. And here’s my rant for the day: just because there’s snow on the ground and you can’t see the lines of the parking spots doesn’t mean you have to park 8 feet from the next car in parking lots. The Liberty Lake park and ride was a mess this morning, with only a fraction of the usual number of cars able to use it, because everyone was parked so far apart!

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