Spokane Valley has been working to update their Comprehensive Plan- including the portion devoted to transportation- and they’ve been making a huge effort to involve the public. Two meetings were held earlier this year to get a feel for the community’s “vision” for the City, and now a third, open house-style meeting, is scheduled to tackle goals and policies of the Comp Plan. Specifically, the meeting will address transportation, housing, community character and economic opportunity.  
This is an important step for the planning process because
it will be the first meeting at which specific goals and policies will be
introduced.  A presentation will be given that will focus on elements of a
strong goal or policy and then the approach that the City is using to improve
the goals and policies in the Comprehensive Plan.
The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s official vision for future growth and development. You can
help shape that vision at the meeting on April 15,
2015 at 6 p.m. at CenterPlace Regional Event Center

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