I guess I have as much of the ‘I want it now’ mentality as anyone. I had to drive instead of riding the bus today so parked at a meter while at the complete streets policy workshop (see below). I was seven minutes late getting to my car after the meter expired and had a ticket. I tend to forget things if I put them off so I headed directly to the Court House to pay my ticket.

When I got there, they told me the ticket wouldn’t be in the computer until 5:00 because I had just gotten it today. Therefore I couldn’t pay it! What??? It doesn’t magically enter itself in the computer? For once I tried to do the right thing and they don’t want my money!

So my second attempt to get rid of the ticket was to talk to my (alleged) good buddy Mark Serbousek who is head of the City’s Street Department. Good news for you tax-paying citizens but bad news for me; he refused to ‘make it go away,’ as I phrased it. He did however offer to take my money and pay the ticket tomorrow for me. Nice try Mark.

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