As I mentioned earlier on this blog, the Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) is starting a campaign, funded by a grant received through SRTC, to promote educate the public on increasing safety through sharing the road among bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians. The campaign is called Spokane Moves Safely and SRHD held their first stakeholder meeting last night to gather input on the most effective way to conduct this campaign.

The people attending this meeting included an insurance agent, an attorney who bicycle commutes, a representative from Goood Roads Spokane, an employee from the City of Spokane, several members of the Bicycle Advisory Board, an interested citizen who is new to Spokane, two women who teach bicycle commuting classes, and several more.

Some of the questions asked of the attendees included:

– What is the cause (in your opinion) of collissions between pedestrians/bicyclists and vehicles?

– What kind of education campaigns have been done locally and nationally in the past and what about them have appealed or not appealed to you?

– Who should this latest campaign target?

– What educational message could prevent collisions?

– What kind of enforcement could add impact to the educational message or help prevent collisions?

– What is the best/most effective way to reach members of the public with this message?

You’ll be hearing more about this campaign in the coming months, but if you have any ideas/messages to share now, go ahead and post them and I’ll pass them on to the folks at the Health District.

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