So here’s a roundup of snow removal efforts from all the agencies I get news releases from:

City of Spokane
– Upgraded to a Stage 2 Snow Declaration around 6:00 last night, meaning they’ll do a full-City plow of all residential and arterial streets. That takes about four days.
– Overnight, crews replowed many arterials and plowed the downtown area into berms in the middle of the roads.

Spokane Valley
– A full city plowing of all residential areas began around 6 a.m. today.
– Crews worked overnight to plow primary and secondary arterials, hillsides and known problem areas.
– Please move your vehicles off the streets if possible to make it easier for plow drivers, and less risky for your car.

Spokane County
– Crews re-plowed primary arterials and emergency routes last night.
– Crews continue to work 10-hour shifts around the clock to clear more than 2,500 miles of roadway.
– Warmer weather is forecast for tomorrow and next week, with rain expected. Please clear snow from down spouts and storm drains to prevent flooding. Overnight lows could result in patches of black ice and frozen intersections.

Washington State Department of Transportation
– Snoqualmie Pass is open but there are areas of ice and compact snow so take it slow if you go over the Pass.
– Traction tires are required.
– It’s snowing there as of 8:20 a.m.

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