US 2/Sunset Blvd. to I-90- Weekday evenings from about 7
p.m. until as late as 6 a.m. the following morning, be alert for
possible lane restrictions as crews upgrade guardrails.
US 2/Airport Interchange to I-90;
I-90/Geiger to Argonne- 
Beginning Monday, July 11,
weekdays at various locations on these sections there could be delays for bridge inspections for up to 30 minutes per
location.  Possible shoulder or lane restrictions.
US 2-Division Street/Curb and Sidewalk- Northbound Division Street is
reduced to two lanes.  There may be congestion and delays. Curb and sidewalk
I-90/Westbound Freya
Westbound drivers should be alert for narrow
shoulder as crews construct a new westbound Freya Street off-ramp about 1/4 miles to the east of the current ramp. Expect lane restrictions on 2nd
US 395-Division
Street/Hawthorne Rd. Intersection- 
Hawthorne road closed east and west of Division for intersection improvements and a new signal system.

Market Street (Parksmith to Farwell)- Sewer and fiber optic installation and rehabilitation of the roadway.  

Seven Mile Bridge and Seven Mile Road- A detour is in place with the speed limit reduced to 25 mph wile the bridge is demolished and rebuilt.

Hawthorne Road West (Waikiki to US395)- Roadway rehabilitation, including stormwater drainage swales, trees, irrigation, new curbing, traffic signal improvement, bike lanes, and striping. Full Road closure until 8/30.

Hawthorne Road East (US395 to US2)- Roadway rehabilitation including stormwater sand filters, curbing, a traffic signal, bike lane, and striping.  

Houston Road from Colville Road to Grove Road- Crews will be working on ditching, culvert and shoulder work during day hours only. Road is open to local traffic, bus traffic and emergency vehicles around the clock. For all other traffic, the road is closed from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
32nd Avenue from
Dishman-Mica Road to University Road

– Closed through mid-August for street preservation work.
Signs detour traffic via Dishman-Mica Road
and University Road.
32nd Avenue from
University Road to Pines Road

Reduced to one lane in each direction through mid-August. The north sidewalk is closed. 
Broadway Avenue between Sullivan
Road and Conklin Road-
Reduced to a
single lane in each direction through the end of July. At least one lane in
each direction will remain open except during overnight closures on July
11-15 from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Signs detour traffic via Conklin Road and
Sprague Avenue. Expect additional overnight closures to be
Fancher Road between Trent
Avenue and Sharp Avenue
– Traffic reduced to one lane in each direction through early July.
Indiana Avenue and Evergreen
Road Intersection-
Indiana westbound reduced to one lane and one left turn lane through July 29, with Indiana eastbound reduced to two
lanes with right turns permitted from the curb lane.  Evergreen northbound
is reduced to a single lane with turns permitted in both directions.
Southbound Sullivan Road Bridge- 
Traffic is reduced to one lane northbound and two lanes southbound. Turns from Indiana
Avenue onto northbound Sullivan Road are reduced to one lane. Southbound Sullivan
Road at Flora Pit Road is reduced to one lane July 11-15, from 6 a.m. to
2 p.m. The Centennial
Trail below the bridge is open.
2016 Residental Chip Seal Project- The Residential Chip
seal pavement preservation projects will be Fog Sealing next week.  Chip
Seal projects include minor pavement repair, crack sealing, sweeping and ¼ inch
chip and fog seal. Fog
Sealing will be at Rebecca and Upriver Drive on Tuesday, July 12. The road will be closed to all traffic during the Fog Seal process.
Traffic may resume on these streets 2 to 4 hours after the Fog seal has been
2016 Grind and Overlay Project- The following 2016 Grind and Overlay
residential pavement preservation projects have begun. This work is to
include minor subgrade repair, crack sealing, modify ADA ramps, and also add in
striping.  These projects require a full closure during the work.
Garfield Street from
Rockwood Blvd. To 25th to 26th Avenue.
Madison Street from
Boone to Sinto, Sharp from Madison to Jefferson and Cedar Street from Boone to
Lee Street from Mission
to Nora, Nora from Lee to Crestline, Crestline from Mission to Nora.
Cannon Street from
Kieran to Garland.
Arthur Street from 37th
to 39th Avenue

37th Avenue, Regal Street to Custer Street- 37th Avenue
from Freya to Custer Street is closed. Freya is the detour route. This work is to reconstruct the road,
include pavement replacement, curbs, sidewalk, bike lanes, stormwater piping,
and a water main.
2016 Street Maintenance Curb Ramp Project-  Work continues on
Lyons Avenue from Perry to Pittsburg. Work is currently in the area of 7th Avenue from Browne to Division Street to install ADA compliant curb ramps at each corner intersection:
Ben Burr Trail and Connection to the Centennial Trail-  Work continues along
the trail at 3rd Avenue and Arthur and 2nd Avenue and
Perry. This
project will design and construct a shared use paved trail connection for
bicyclists and pedestrian as well as security lighting installation.  The
project will be from the Centennial Trail at the Gonzaga Bridge southeast of
Erie Street and continuing to Liberty Park where a connection will be made to
the existing Ben Burr Trail.  The trail will then continue on the existing
Ben Burr Trail to the trailhead immediately south of Underhill Park.
Bridge Avenue and Monroe Street CSO Work- Summit Blvd./Bridge
Avenue is closed to traffic. 
Lincoln has one northbound lane
open.  Lincoln southbound is closed at Broadway. This
project will construct a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and piping.
Cochran Street Sewer Work- The Sewer
department will be working in Cochran Street between Dalton and Courtland Avenues.  A detour route is in place. 
Freya and Thor Paving-  Skin Patch work on Freya and Thor at the intersections of 3rd Avenue begins Thursday, July 7 after 9 a.m. There will be lane closures with flaggers in place. Skin Patching adds 1-2
inches of asphalt on top of existing pavement. It is a temporary way
to improve the surface of an extremely deteriorated street when there is not
funding for a complete repair. Skin Patching will last about 2 to 3 years
before the cracks in the original pavement propagate back to the surface.
Hatch Road Grind and Overlay Work- Crews are grinding Hatch Rd. working downhill from 57th Avenue to
Hwy 195.  Flaggers are directing traffic with one lane open at a time.  Crews are
working on the mid-section currently with the section nearest Hwy 195 being the
last segment to be completed.  The work near 195 that includes the bridge
will require a full closure.  The detour route will include Hwy 195 with
local access located east of Hwy 195 on Hatch Road using the completed section
of Hatch Road east to 57th Avenue as the detour route.
Hazels Creek Stormwater Treatment Project-Freya
Street is anticipated to open between 37th Avenue to Palouse Highway
the week of July 11 after construction of a stormwater treatment system with disposal ponds and stormwater piping is
Indiana Avenue from Dakota to Perry Street- Full
construction starts Monday, July 11, proceeding from East to West.
 Indiana Ave. from Dakota St. to Perry St. is closed with East-West
traffic detoured to Mission Ave., Montgomery Ave. and Illinois Ave. 
North-South arterials within the construction zone at Hamilton Ave. and Perry
St. will remain open. This
project includes curb ramps, storm swales, new curb, waterline replacement,
signal installation work and some parking removal
Main Avenue and Division Street Intersection Improvements-  Work
continues on the southwest corner of the intersection of Division and
Main on
sidewalk removal and excavation for underground storm water improvements. 
Pedestrian detours are in place. There are lane restrictions on both Main and Division.  Work
on this project involves curb bumpouts at all four corners of Division Street
and Main Avenue, the removal and replacement of existing curbs, gutters, and
sidewalks, ADA upgrades, installation of planter boxes and planting.
Martin Luther King Jr. Way Phase 2A; Sherman to Erie Street- Phase 2A is an extension of Martin Luther
King Jr. Way from Sherman to Erie Street. This is a continuation of the
Riverside Extension Phase 1 project. This project will provide
vehicular and truck traffic an efficient route that eliminates
several safety issues and increases capacity into and out of the downtown area
while passing along the south edge of the University District. These
improvements include a new asphalt street, utility infrastructure,
storm drainage improvements, street lighting, street trees, and re-vegetation
with native species. In lieu of sidewalks, the project proposes to construct a
section of the Ben Burr trail to provide pedestrian circulation. The trail will
be separated from roadway traffic and aligned parallel to the Spokane
River, allowing pedestrians access with greater aesthetic experience. 
Monroe/Lincoln Street Couplet, 8th Avenue to 2nd Avenue- Work on Monroe Street
from 4th Ave south to 8th Ave continues. Curb
installation will occur between 7th and 8th Avenues on
Monroe Street beginning Monday, July 11Landscape
and sprinkler work also begins taht day on Monroe and in the swale pond along 4th
AvenuePaving begins on Monroe Street the week of July 18. Monroe and Lincoln are closed with a detour along 14th Avenue and Bernard/Washington/Stevens and 2nd and 3rd Avenue. The on ramp for
eastbound traffic at Monroe is open. Traffic exiting Maple
Street eastbound is detoured off of 4th at Jefferson Street. This
project reconstructs the roadway from 8th to 2nd Avenue
and installs storm water and water facilities.  
Monroe and Lincoln Street, Main Avenue to 2nd Avenue- Starting
Monday, July 11 Lincoln Street will have four way stop signs located at the
intersections of 1st, Sprague and Riverside. Water work will require the closure of westbound traffic on
Riverside from Post to Monroe Street. Traffic
control is in place to minimize the effects of backups during peak traffic
hours. Monroe
has two open lanes of traffic on the west side of the street. This is a full depth roadway replacement and full depth
replacement between curbs on Lincoln Street and Monroe Street; Main Avenue from
Monroe Street to Lincoln Street; and Monroe Street from Spokane Falls Boulevard
to Main Avenue. Some minor curbing and ADA curb ramps will be installed where
Pettet Drive/TJ Meenach Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO 12) Project- Pettet Drive is
closed to traffic. The clover leaf that
services TJ Meenach, Down River and Pettit Drive (three out of the four
legs) will be in service. The leg that comes off
of Pettit north bound will re-direct citizens to Northwest Blvd. Vehicles traveling southbound on Down River Drive have two options; enter onto TJ Meenach or continue under the bridge and turn
uphill to Northwest Blvd. This
project will build a 690,000 gallon storage facility and connections to
existing CSO Basin 10 outfall.  Work also includes repaving of Pettet
Drive and pedestrian/bike trail construction.
Rowan Avenue Improvemetns from Driscoll Boulevard to Monroe Street- Rowan Avenue from Alberta to Ash Street is closed.  The intersection of
Albert and Ash is open to north and southbound traffic. The intersection of Belt and Rowan is closed. Ash Street from Nebraska to Everett Avenues is reduced to
one lane through Friday, July 15 for paving of Rowan Avenue. This project is for reconstruction work from Driscoll Blvd. to
Monroe Street. The project also includes installation of bike lanes, filling
sidewalk gaps and replacing water lines.
Street Maintenance Residential Crack Sealing- Work is finishing on C St. bounded by Wellesley to Heroy and A
Street to G Street. Work will begin in Wedgewood bounded by Weile to Woodside
and Five Mile Rd. to east end of the City Limits
Wall Street, Main Avenue to Spokane Falls Boulevard- Wall Street from Main
to Spokane Falls will close Monday, July 11. Work will start at Main and Wall
heading north toward Spokane Falls. This work is to construct storm water
improvements, sidewalks, new asphalt pavement, traffic signal revisions, an
irrigation system, and add lighting.
Wellesley Freya Utility Work for Future WSDOT Roundabout- This work is in preparation for a future roundabout being installed by WSDOT. Wellesley is closed from Market to Rebecca. Freya is closed
from Broad to Longfellow.
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