Madison St. from 17th to 18th-

Meals on Wheels will hold the Great
Pumpkin Race, Saturday, October 26, 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

o   Madison
from 17th to 18th will be closed.
o   18th
will have restrictions from Monroe to Jefferson.

Greene St. Bridge- A project to increase the life of the Greene Street
Bridge over the Spokane River is under way.  There are
lane restrictions on the bridge and Greene Street between South Riverton
Avenue and Upriver Drive. The work will improve its load rating,
allowing larger trucks and loads to use the bridge.  The project includes
installing fiber-reinforced polymer to the bridge deck and floor beams. 

Main Ave. West of Monroe St.- Main Avenue, just west of
Monroe Street is closed until November 1 for
sewer line repair work. Vehicles must enter
the Peaceful Valley neighborhood from the west.  The sidewalks along Main
are open, allowing for pedestrians and cyclists to access Peaceful Valley
from downtown on Main.

Crestline Rehabilitation Project- This project to
replace the water main in Crestline from 37th to 57th
avenues is substantially complete. It also rehabilitated the street curb-to-curb rehabilitation from 44th
to 53rd avenues; and added bike lanes, sidewalks and stormwater swales
along the 44th to 53rd avenue stretch. 

Rockwood Blvd. Rehabilitation- Paving
continues on the project to rehabilitate Rockwood Blvd. from Cowley to Southeast Blvd. The project is expected to be substantially complete in the next
two weeks, weather permitting. 

Traffic Calming Work- Work on a variety of improvements to promote traffic calming throughout the City is underway and continues through the end of October. The following streets are affected:

Illinois – Signs
and striping
Mission, Cook and
Regal – Ramps and striping
Manito Boulevard
and 29th – Ramps and striping
from Bernard to Browne – Sidewalks
Maple from 8th
to 9th  – Bumpouts
Adams Street from
Montgomery to Mansfield – Sidewalks and ADA ramps
Horizon Avenue
and F Street – Sidewalks and ADA ramps
Maple Street from
Chelan to Fairview – Sidewalks and ADA ramps
Ash Street from
Fairview to Cleveland – Sidewalks and ADA ramps


Liberty St. Construction-

Construction to
rehabilitate Liberty from Oak Street to Ash Place and Ash Place from Liberty to
Dalton is beginning.  The road is closed with local access only.

Downtown Bike Network- Signing and striping revisions continue for the
Downtown Bike Network lanes.  Trail construction will occur on Fourth
Street from Division to McClellan. Expect shoulder and
partial lane closures as needed.
Post St. Closure-

Post Street near
City Hall will close for Avista work
on City Hall Plaza and new crossing work between City Hall Plaza and Riverfront
Park. Crews will use this closure to work on sidewalks at the southwest
corner of the Post Street bridge, a new Centennial Trail connection into
Riverfront Park, additional sidewalk work on the west side of Post Street and
for the re-striping of Post street.

Fiske St. Construction- This
project will pave Fiske Street from 19th to 17th avenues, install curbs,
sidewalks and ADA curb ramps, where   needed, and replace current or
install new stormwater drainage, where needed.  The project will place pavement between the existing curbs on
Fiske from 17th to 18th and install new curbs and
sidewalks, and pave on Fiske from 18th to 19th.  Fiske is closed between 17th Street and 19th
Third Ave. from Division to Arthur- Work to rehabilitate Third
Ave.from Division east to Arthur continues. Paving is complete,
crews are working on sidewalks, signing, striping, and general
project cleanup.
Euclid Ave. Water Main Replacement- The project will replace a 28-inch water
main with a 30-inch water main in Euclid Avenue.  The new main will begin
at Euclid & Mayfair and continue to Crestline, with a jog to the north
around Gonzaga Prep High School.
8th Avenue just east of Wilbur Court- Closed through Tuesday, October 29 for utility work. Signs redirect traffic to 4th Avenue.
Adams from Trent to Wellesley- Closed totraffic
through mid-November for sidewalk improvements.  Drivers
are redirected via Evergreen or Progress.
Indiana between Pines Rd and Mirabeau Pkwy – Reduced to one
lane each direction through October for island, curb and
sidewalk construction.
Sands Rd Bridge at Chester (Plouf) Creek – Closed from 7 a.m. Monday, October 28 until 7 a.m. Monday, November 4 for
maintenance work on the bridge deck.  Signs will redirect traffic to
Schafer Rd.
Sprague from Park to Vista – Reduced to two lanes through Tuesday, October 29 for street resurfacing and stormwater upgrades.


Sullivan Road at the Spokane River bridges – Reduced to one
lane each direction through November.


Wellesley between St. Charles Rd and Larch Rd – Narrowed lanes, delays, and parking restrictions until
mid-November for sidewalk updates and improvements.

WSDOTI-90 Eastbound/Thor Street to Sprague Ave.- Today, Thursday, October 24,
to as late as 3 p.m., eastbound I-90 between Thor Street and Sprague Avenue
will be reduced to two through lanes for overhead sign repair.  All on and off ramps will be
open.  Drivers should be alert for slow traffic and possible congestion.


I-90 Eastbound/Maple Street to Perry Street.- On Saturday evening, October
26, from about 9 p.m. until as late as 7 a.m. on Sunday morning, eastbound
I-90, between Maple Street and Perry Street will be reduced to one through
lane for bridge joint maintenance.  All on and off ramps will be open.  Drivers should be alert
for slow traffic and possible congestion.


SR 290-Trent Ave./Sullivan Road Bridge- Through today, Thursday,
October 24, until as late at 5:30 p.m., westbound SR 290 will be reduced to
one through lane in the vicinity of the Sullivan Road bridge for bridge girder repair.  You may
experience slow traffic. 


SR 27/32nd Ave. to Trent Ave.- Grind out top layer of
roadway and resurface with Hot Mix Asphalt.  Construct ADA sidewalk ramps.


North Spokane Corridor/Francis Avenue Bridge and
Intersection Improvements-
Today, Thursday October 24th until as late as 3 p.m. the contractor
will be striping for the upcoming traffic switch that will take place later
this month or early in November. The striping will occur mostly within the
existing work zones but will also include the intersections of Francis / Market
and Francis / Freya. This work will occur between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and will
result in each of the intersection(s) being flagger controlled with the traffic
signal being turned off for an hour or so, at separate times, during this
timeframe. This will create long backups, delays, and for 20 – 30 minutes
all through movements at the Francis / Freya intersection (except westbound
Francis) will be prohibited while the dotted extension line dries.
is strongly encouraged to find alternate routes to their destinations.
US 195/Cheney-Spokane Road Interchange- Be alert for
northbound and/or southbound lane restrictions.  Northbound US 195 is
reduced to one lane in the vicinity of Cheney-Spokane Road.  That
restriction may be removed when the barrier is taken out.  The northbound
left turn lane remains closed.  Northbound drivers need to use Qualchan
Road to access Cheney-Spokane Road.  Northbound drivers should be alert
for possible congestion and slowing traffic.  The southbound off ramp to
Cheney-Spokane Road is now closed so drivers will need to be alert for
southbound highway traffic slowing to make right turns into Cheney-Spokane
Road. This is a long-term construction configuration.  The US 195/Inland Empire Way intersection is closed. 
Inland Empire Way traffic is directed to the Thorpe Road intersection. 
This is a permanent closure to accommodate the new northbound Cheney-Spokane
Road on ramp. 

Farwell Road- Farwell Rd. is closed from Market to the North Spokane Corridor.

Johansen Road- Closed from Prairie View Elementary school to Northview Lane for sidewalk installation and road widening.


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