If you pay any attention whatsoever to what’s happening in local transportation, you’ve most likely heard talk about president-elect Barack Obama’s proposed economic stimulus package.

The package is a $700 to $850 billion package aimed at funding the construction of infrastructure such as road, highway, and transit projects, in an effort to stimulate the economy by creating 3 million jobs over two years.

SRTC has been working with local officials and transportation agencies on a list of projects to submit for possible stimulus funding. At this time, we don’t have much information on how much money to plan for or what the requirements will be. All we have is a proposed list.

Here’s a link to the SRTC website where more info on the Stimulus Package and the list of proposed projects can be found.

Any questions? Jeff’s the authority on this. As much of an authority as you can be when you have limited information, anyway.

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