Some really good news regarding local bike and pedestrian projects: The Washington State Department of Transportation sent notice to several local jurisdictions that they received money for bike/ped projects through either the Safe Routes to School program or the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety program. It will take a couple years before most of the projects are actually built, but here are the projects that received funding:

Spokane County- Northwood Middle School and Farwell Elementary School Safety Project $373, 794
A project aimed at transitioning certain students from bussing to walking at Northwood Middle and Farwell Elementary schools. The project includes installing sidewalks and crosswalks where there currently aren’t any and installing a traffic signal with a pedestrian assigned right of way at the intersection of Pittsburgh and Farwell.

Spokane City- Browne Street/Division Street Couplet project $410,000
Part of the Division Street Gateway Project. It will construct ADA ramps and pedestrian countdown timers at intersections.

Spokane City- Comprehensive Education Project $116,450
An education campaign to work with and complement the Spokane Regional Health District’s Spokane Moves Safely campaign to reduce collissions between vehicles and bicyclists and pedestrians.

Spokane City- Monroe Street $80,600
Installation of pedestrian countdown timers and ADA ramps at intersections.

Spokane City- Nevada Street $100,460
Replace sidewalk that’s missing along Nevada near Garry Middle School on busy Nevada Street.

Spokane City- North Division Street (US 2) $214,035
A project in conjuction with WSDOT. Provide facilities to cross Division Street in multiple locations.

Airway Heights- Sunset Elementary Safe Routes Grant 2010 $223,692
The project includes sidewalk, flashing beacons, fence, crosswalk markings, bicycle and pedestrian safety classes, materials and events, speed feedback signs, and additional police patrols around Sunset Elementary.

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