Letter to the Editor

I read a couple of letters recently from bicyclists complaining about their rights. They argue their rights of the road, which I guess includes special rights – like on a four-lane road with cars waiting for the light, they have the right to ride to the front in between the cars instead of waiting where they fall in line behind a car.

Another complaint I see they have is that they cannot afford the taxes, fees and insurance that motorized vehicles have to pay. Yet they want a free ride on the backs of people paying these fees. They demand a bike lane that uses road fees to build. They can’t ride on the shoulder because it’s dirty.

Well a good solution is to have them pay fees to build their bike lanes and sweep the shoulders. I guess they think these entitlements are free.

I drive a car. I don’t think the fees I pay for this right should be given away for the sake of the few bicyclists on the road. Bicyclists, nothing is free. You want these benefits for the few of you; well pay the fees to have this done or just quit whining.

Richard Haste


I have a couple issues with this letter: 1.) Bicyclists do NOT have the right to ride between vehicles to the front of the queue (did I spell that right?) when waiting at a traffic light, as Mr. Haste claims. 2.) The majority of bicyclists out there also own vehicles, and therefore are already helping to pay for area roads through their car tabs, etc.

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