Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
City counts on camera cash cow

Let me get this straight. The city doesn’t have enough income to pay present sky-high city salaries, so let’s give them all pay raises.

Did all these administrators and salary commissioners go to the same school across the state? Obviously, they couldn’t run a hot dog stand for a day without going broke. I guess that’s why we don’t want to lose these great employees. I think they need a vacation at Eastern State mental ward.

Could they be hiding a wild card in their income deck? Can you say photo-red cameras? With photo-red, the traffic warden and police are the modern-day bandits. Thousands of good people are fined by these cameras every day. If you think you’re a good driver and will never get a ticket in Spokane, guess again. I just want to know when the cameras are coming down.

Robert Vincent

How do you feel about the Photo Red Cameras; just another way to hit you in the wallet or a legitimate method to cut down on red light running in a town known for it?

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