There’s nothing left. This is my office today, pretty much empty, just waiting to have that one bin carted away and my computer. After ten years in this normally-cluttered office, today is my last day here. When I first came to SRTC from the City of Spokane, this space was a cubicle I shared with an engineer. She moved out, then moved on, and later the cubicle walls were removed and actual walls put up to make it into an honest-to-goodness office.

Now, after being located in the Intermodal Center since sometime in the 1990’s, this is our last day here. Monday, we go to our new office on the fifth floor of the Paulsen Center and start unpacking our new office.

This space was too big for us and would have cost us more in the long run. And it was just time for a change. While there have been some good times in this office, I’m not sure I will miss it. I think ten years is enough for anyone before a change of scenery is welcomed.

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