Jeff Selle from our office got yelled at by a bus driver today. We took the #74 bus to the Mirabeau Park and Ride and jumped off there to ride to Liberty Lake. I was going to grab my car out of the Liberty Lake park and ride lot and go home and Jeff was going to continue riding to his home in Post Falls. So, we go to jump off the bus at Mirabeau and the driver is already out, manhandling Jeff’s bike. She started kind of yelling at him, saying his bike is too big for the rack and she won’t let him bring it on anymore. I had been watching the bikes the whole time through the window ’cause I’m always kind of freaky like that, thinking they’re going to fall off, and I hadn’t even seen them wiggle around. I was riding CooTeR (you know, our CTR bike) and it looks like it’s the same size as Jeff’s and she didn’t give me any trouble.

So, my question is, has anyone else had their bike kicked off the bus? If so, why? And was your eviction actually enforced?

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