So, for the first time in the eight years that I’ve been at SRTC, I’ve been allowed to pick up some swag to give away at events. And I’m excited about it.

Because I’m like a crow or pack rat that’s attracted to shiny objects, I picked these light up pens. Our Transportation Planner Eve and I were having a rave with them in my office this morning when we started discussing how multi-useful (that’s a word I just made up) they really are. Besides the boring act of writing with them, here are some of the other things you can do with them:

  • Dance with them at a rave as if they were glow sticks
  • Clip them on your clothes while riding your bike at night for added visibility
  • Direct traffic when there is an accident
  • Land planes like an air traffic controller
  • Use them to write when the power is out (we learned about this use during the storm yesterday)
  • Hypnotize people (now relax and follow the light with your eyes…)
  • Come up with your own use
So here’s the deal; look for us at community events this summer, talk a little about transportation with us (or even the weather) and ask us for a pen!
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