Good job to SRTC employees. We received this award at the Commute Trip Reduction annual Way To Go Awards luncheon today for achieving a 28.9% reduction in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in our daily commutes.

Also, congratulations to the Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) office. They received the first ‘Clean Air Champion’ award from the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency for outstanding contributions resulting in the implementation of a clean air program, increased public understanding and/or support for clean air, or new policies to improve air quality.

The CTR office is recognized state-wide for its highly successful CTR Program which eliminates nearly 6,400 vehicle trips each day in Spokane County. In addition to conserving energy, this represents a significant air quality benefit as well as saving Spokane-area commuters millions of dollars a year in fuel costs.

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