So say you’re one of those ‘transportation groupies’ that I refer to once in a while. Or maybe you’re not even that hardcore, you just have some ideas and concerns about transportation in our area. And maybe you read all the transportation plans that come out of area jurisdictions and submit comments. Well, you’re doing the work already, so you might as well apply to be on SRTC’s new Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC).

The TAC is being formed in order to promote transparency and give members of the public an opportunity to be involved in SRTC’s work. The TAC will be made up of 13 members that meet quarterly to make recommendations to the SRTC Board regarding plans, programs, and activities conducted by SRTC. Members must understand the fundamentals of land use and transportation planning as established in the Revised Code of Washington.

For more information on the TAC, and how to apply,go to the SRTC website. The deadline to submit TAC applications is February 19, 2010. Any questions?

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