Just got downtown and the freeway was pretty slow. Two accidents between Barker and Freya had things crawling. Speaking of accidents, I’ve heard from several people that some drivers are trying to create their own lanes when there is only one lane plowed in each direction. This is especially true going down hills; there is a line of cars waiting their turn, but some clown tries to pass in the lane that no longer exists because it’s covered in snow. This causes accidents, bottlenecking, anger, etc.

We’re all frustrated about the snow situation, but let’s keep it in perspective. A man was arrested yesterday for threatening to kill any snow plow driver who came down his street. Here’s the story.

Maybe he needs some community service. Catholic Charities is looking for people to shovel out the elderly and disabled. Some of Catholic Charities’ clients have been house-bound for a week now. If you have a snowblower, a plow, or a strong back, and some time to spare, call Catholic Charities at (509) 328-8400.

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