We’ve been talking a lot lately in our Transportation Vision Project meetings about how easy it is to get around on Spokane roads because there’s so little congestion. That leads many people, myself included, to own their own vehicle and to drive to the majority of places they frequent. There’s a downside to that though and I’m experiencing it today.

I had so much overtime from all the meetings this week that I had to take today and tomorrow off. Am I lying on the beach though enjoying my day off? No. Fishing? No. Taking a hike? Mowing the lawn? Walking the dog? Creating a voodoo doll of my boss? No, none of the regular stuff I do on my days off. Instead I’m sitting in my mechanic’s waiting room as he rattles off all the repairs I need. Here’s the damage so far:

1 tie rod + 1 idler arm + 1 alignment + 4 new tires + 1 battery = Holy cow, Glenn I need a raise! I take back what I said about the voodoo doll. Riding my bike more often is looking better and better.

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